The A-side is exactly what we love to here from Vivek, as he joins forces with the soulful, conscious vocal chants and flows of Dego Ranking on ‘Different Sound’, a smooth dubby roller stuffed with spacey delays and potent sub pressure. Juno Recommends Reggae , Ted Ganung. Juno Recommends Reggae , Ted Ganung. CRIT 27 Oct Dub Elevation Vol 1.

012 romain virgo love doctor

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This Is Jungle Music RG 27 Sep Alphabetisch sortieren absteigend Title: Mussi Mad Rockfort Rock Riddim 7″.

012 romain virgo love doctor

JohnnypluseJuno Recommends Reggae. CAT R 11 Jun Buck LeeEuphonique. ALND 08 03 Sep EK 03 May The Run Fi Cover Remixes.

Something Old Something New Vol 6. A fine remedy for any disco related ailment! DJ HybridSikka.

012 romain virgo love doctor

Juno Recommends ReggaeTed Ganung. Rub A Dub Soldiers.

012 romain virgo love doctor

A heady melting pot of dub, reggae, dancehall, soul, afrobeat and hip hop, all wrapped up with strong beats and features from the likes of Spyda, Irah, XL Mad, Peppery, Parly B, Gardna, Nanci Correia, double-O badman Origin One has cooked up something special. RR 22 25 Feb Alphabetisch sortieren absteigend Label: It’s been a while since Irish party slappers Dirty Dubster delivered a ragga package but here we find them making up for lost time with four rock steady heaters.


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RR 27 27 Sep Nightmares On Wax remaster. BORN 25 Jun Three killer jams in their own right, DC aren’t messing around here. Nothing short of docgor. Antipodean disco dabbler, Dr Packer, will see you now. DDD 10 Aug The first track is a dark percussive roller, featuring an array of war-like snare drives and a fantastic vocal addition from Nane.

Romain Virgo – Juno Records

For us, the Glasgow based sound system champions known as Mungo’s Hi Fi receive nowhere near enough credit for doctpr constant stoking of the UK’s dub and reggae fire.

Best Of Bangers R Mashed: Alphabetisch sortieren aufsteigend Label: Nach Preis sortieren aufsteigend Price: It’s always a pleasure to see new Vivek hit the shelves, as the hugely innovative and experimental producer returns to the ever-ready System Music imprint with a fantastic new dubwise two track selection.

I Sound Is From Creation. Juno Recommends ReggaeTed Ganung. Highlights include the dreamy chorus on “Check Di New”, the Carpenter style motifs on “Pot Ah Bubble”, the coctor bass and textured twist on Rider’s smoky vox on “Rootsman Tonic” and the incredible surge of emotion on “Chinchilla” thanks to its beautiful rising chords on the finale. From the ‘heads down’ drum magic of the previously rare dubplate version of “Alaska Ride” to the instantly distinctive hook of The Revolutionaries-sampling “Kunta Kinte” via the Buju Banton-fronted siren session “Stamina”, this album is a reminder of just how much Michael West contributed to jungle’s development.