I have tested works on all carrier phones http: If you wish to have 3G data, than there is an extra step: The part of the list for each area is ordered by the bands the phone should try to use first. It is very important that you fill this information in. Little Format settings, Sign: When roaming, the PRL may instruct the phone to use the network with the best roaming rate for the carrier, rather than the one with the strongest signal at the moment.

52896 prl

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You may already have one in a drawer somewhere. S3 Forum Page to read all about Toolkit http: Having two people made things easier, and the next 3 launches were successful. Enjoy Here is a master list of passwords, Files, Links to software and more.

[Q] Galaxy Nexus Flashing Help Page 59 | Android Development and Hacking

You can always do this later, but you may have to repeat some of the below steps again. Cruise efficiency at various power settings, measured in grams of thrust per Watt. On the next boot, the new settings will be loaded pro you can then delete the file.

I borrowed heavily from his guide to write this, but still 528966 some areas that required a bit of trial and error. Notify me of new comments via email. In addition to the weight savings, I suspect fogging of the lens may be the real motivator. The part of the list for each area is ordered by the bands the phone should try to use first.


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Audio and Video in and out; 12V power. Menus are brought up with the function button, navigated with the rocker switch, and selected by pressing the rocker switch in — this took some trial and error to figure out pr naturally, the supplied chinglish manual was of no help.

52896 prl

PCM Format settings, Endianness: Open up Galaxy Nexus Toolkit and do a full wipe and reflash to stock android option 9. The process was just as convoluted as this one, and I somehow doubt the information even exists on how to do it again. I have tested works on all carrier phones http: Interestingly enough, I actually went through this process back in the good old days with a Windows Mobile 6.

The PRL helps determine which home-network towers to use, and also which towers belonging to other networks to use in roaming situations areas where the home network has no coverage. I certainly did not.

Flashing to Verizon PrePaid or need PRL files, Here you go | TK Tech News

In my testing, I did notice that this DVR is rather sensitive to input voltage. Slow flight performance was unsurprisingly less impressive than a lighter stock bixler would be capable of, although the flaps helped immensely.


52896 prl

Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: My greatest inspiration came 52986 a fellow blogger at bixler2fpvwhose overall design I chose to emulate. Recording starts as soon as power is supplied to the device, and ends when it is disconnected.

As I mentioned at the start, there is a blue version of this DVR that appears to be identical in all but the input connectors and microSD slot. Rolls were smooth and loops possible with enough speed — though not from level flight. The increases in gross weight due to larger batteries, cameras and electronics add a substantial amount of stress to the entire airframe, and particularly the wing loading. Fortunately, the PZ camera which I used to actually fly the plane had no issue.

Email required Address never made public.

[Q] Galaxy Nexus Flashing Help

Hand launching was more difficult than with previous planes I have flown, and my first attempt ended up in the tall grass. Interestingly, the default p settings had the framerate set at 15fps.

52896 prl

Specifically, if the voltage gets much below 12V below about Below is a near-comprehensive list of the parts used in my Bixler 2 build. Acquire a donor phone.