Additional details about ActivExpression 2 are available on Promethean’s site. With Promethean ActivInspire a teacher can display a question on an interactive whiteboard or verbally and students can respond using the ActivEngage virtual device on their computers. The main feature is to allow the user to prepare and present files known as flipcharts , an electronic document that can contain a combination of vector and raster object data including lines, shapes, rich text, images, video, FLASH media and other third party document types. Please note that there ar e prerequisites for both workshops. The subsequent markup is then automatically committed into the content of the Office document for storage. About Us Subscribe Archive Advertise. This product allows for pen annotations to be written over Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations.

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This utilizes PKZip compression technology to reduce flipchart file sizes. The very early versions of Activstudio had a much reduced functionality set, comprising simple pens, highlighters and page turning and hence the analogy with ‘flipcharts’ was born and has remained.


Using Activotes in the Classroom on July I agree to this site’s Privacy Policy. I think they activexpreession kinda cool, but something looking cool and actovexpression any good The devices run off three AAA batteries with an expected life of about nine months. I’d be interested to see if anyone has used this software only voting system and if so what are their opinions?

Designed to work with Android and iOS devices, ActivEngage Mobile is a “virtual learner response system is designed to expand and support the use of hand-held devices, such as iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and Android devices tablets and phones for teaching and learning activities,” according to Promethean. This results in ActivInspire’s files from no longer being backwards compatible. The subsequent markup is then automatically committed into the content of the Office document for storage. Anyone had any experience of them?


Would also like to know myself.

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This intermediate class is for you! The server for the system runs on the teacher’s computer and is available through Promethean World. Activstudio and Activprimary are both available in 32 languages and for most versions of the Windows and MAC operating systems. Accept For more details about cookies and how to manage them Read More.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts activexpreession email. Ed tech developer Promethean has launched a new and significantly enhanced generation of classroom response systems, ActivExpression2.

The time now is Got a school looking to grab the full set of ActivExpression dongly things and wondered if anyone in the meantime has had a play with them yet?

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Might as well use those powerful mobiles most of them seem to have Do you already have a Promethean Activboard and consider yourself a user? A quick search should provide a good starting point for any teacher just starting out with an Activboard.

ExamView XML import; Excel export of questions and results; Response monitoring; New menu system with cursor keys; An enhanced range of keys, including a multifunction key, numeric and voting keys, shift, symbol, fraction control, subscript and superscript, context-dependent hot keys, cursor control, menu, backspace, carriage return, and power; A question manager that allows students to answer questions in their preferred order when the instructor creates self-paced questions; Support for third-party interactive whiteboards, though the devices do not require a whiteboard to function; The ability to work in conjunction alongside the original line of ActivExpression devices though those devices do not support equations ; ActivExpression2 is available now in classroom bundles of 24 or 32 devices.


Promethean ActiVote Response System Fun to hold shape and intuitive buttons Makes class participation fast, fun and easy Pupils can track their progress through instant feedback and tallied scores over time Polling can be performed on the fly ActiVote can download student results into spreadsheets for achievement records over time Questions can be instantly answered by the whole class and results analysed on the interactive white board Price: This site uses cookies.

I’ve tried it myself and it seems ok if a little limited. All authored flipcharts will work in either program and there are many freely available flipcharts uploaded to the internet. We brought Activote devices and no one really bothers to use them, I think that’d be different with Expression though.

He can be reached at dnagel media. This product allows for pen annotations to be written over Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations. That’s where i find the smartboards a little better, because even without the pens you can still write on them. Promethean’s ActivExpression lines are student response systems also known as “classroom clickers” designed for polling and quizzing in the classroom.

Activstudio is a software application designed specifically for teachers and presenters who use an Activboard Interactive WhiteboardPromethean’s interactive whiteboard. In related news, Promethean softwade week formally launched a new mobile app called ActivEngage Mobile. Promethean and SMART Technologies have each developed solutions to the subject of classroom participation through interactive voting response systems.

The previous ActivExpression was styled after feature phone-style numeric keypads.