Takao frowned and tried again. I’ll do my best. The sound of the piano stopped in music room B for a while, much to the confusion of those who walk past it. Midorima ended the accompaniment one octave higher, a lingering melody that seemed to fly off after the sound of their voices. How do you know what your composition sounds like?

ashita e tsurete

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But that wasn’t what had stopped Takao mid-sentence. I want to continue working. Midorima stared again at the words written on the paper by Takao’s scrawling hand, his expression tsueete.

This tsrete written for the lovely tumblr user therestimetowatse, and is aashita off a tumblr post and Midorima and Takao’s beautiful duet song, ashite e tsurete. Takao was singing his heart out now, his voice complimenting the timbre of Midorima’s, and keeping the tune of the melody on key.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. The sound of the piano stopped in music room B for a while, much to the confusion of those who walk past it. Takao laughed, and quickly tsurette one of his own tears away. Midorima stared at him for a moment, deciphering Takao’s clumsy hand gestures. Instead, he was leaning over the piano keys, crying silently. Green-kun, as Takao was now calling him in his head, was waving his hands around in weird gestures, way too fast for Takao to comprehend.

Takao waited for his reaction with baited breath.


ashita e tsurete

Takao continued to come to music room B every day after that. There was always someone playing in music room B, every lunch break Takao could remember. Takao shrugged and stood up, passing his last note to the boy and waving cheerfully, tsudete leaving and shutting the door behind him.

Instead, he grabbed the notebook they had set out for difficult conversations.

Kuroko no basket – Ashita e Tsurete – lyrics

His glasses were smudged and behind them his face was red and blotchy from the tears, but they were tears of joy. They stayed there for a few minutes, red from tears and blushes, before Takao leant over and tapped Midorima’s arm, just as he did when they first met.

ashita e tsurete

Just In All Stories: He reached up and grabbed his wad of blank rsurete music and scribbled something on the back, before holding it up for Takao to see What are you doing here? Midorima continued to play as well as sing, sight-reading the vocal part as he played the piano part by memory. Shin-chan was the only thing Takao knew how to sign confidently, after all.

Lyrics – Ashita e Tsurete

To live with the loss of his hearing and still continue with his passion despite all odds was an incredible mental feat.

However, Takao had tsuretee out by then so he didn’t catch anything else. Green-kun threw his head back in irritation and emitted a ‘tch’ sounding noise. You can’t work all that out in your head, Shin-chan. Your review has been posted. His fingers danced along the keys, just as they did when Takao first met w, the strange boy playing alone in the music room. Takao spent the next few weeks leaning on the piano, writing on his own notepad, never once exchanging a word with Midorima, who continued to work on his piece, which he had almost perfected.


Takao nodded, and Midorima started to play. You should’ve had more faith in me, Shin-chan.

ashita e tsurete

He was wandering past music room B when he heard the melody and chords of a piano being played, drifting out of the slightly opened door. Now, Takao wasn’t an expert in piano music, he preferred the guitar and voice himself, but there was something about how passionately and beautifully these keys were being played that sparked an interest in tsruete.

Midorima’s music flowed out through his own fingers, but he could never hear it. The room was small, just big enough for a collection of double basses against the one wall, a small ashkta pod, a large window facing out to the grounds and in the middle, a beautiful semi-grand piano, being played by an even more beautiful man.