When working, all of the current session’s typed entries can be recovered by pressing the up-arrow repeatedly, until the required line appears on the screen. Download the File Checksum Integrity Verifier utility package now. Notice that the code assumes that the fciv. South Africa – English. In the example that follows the -r option is used to introduce recursive hashing of all sub-folders in Documents. It notifies file completion on-screen. With shift pressed, right-click the folder or file of interest.


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Permission is hereby granted for the redistribution of this advisory, fcciv that it is not altered except by reformatting it, and that due credit is given. Verify live files against a hash file.

Makes hashes for files or folders. In the next example, the single file path has been replaced with the name of a folder.


Bosna i Hercegovina – Hrvatski. These are broadly consistent with the Standard and Administrator account levels of access. Note also that quotes fdiv both of these shortened paths, and this is done more to demonstrate the technique than for necessity, since these path names now contain no spaces. This arises because spaces in paths in the command line will result in File not found errors.


To open the cmd as an elevated promptthe user should instead right-click the item and from the context menu that appears, select the Open as Administrator option. It allows for an exclusions file also. An environmental variable exists that allows substitution for every path element up to and including the user’s named folder; an example of this is also shown below.

Skip to main content. Crna Gora – Srpski. The name of vciv command window program is cmd. Algorithms and data structures Subject: Refer to the links in See Also for details of these methods and others. Auto-complete folder names during typing.

MS-DOS and Windows command line fciv command

Download the File Checksum Integrity Verifier utility package now. Use only file names without paths in hash output.

The author prohibits any malicious use of security related information or exploits by the author or elsewhere. For Windows versions 8. The entry then becomes just: In particular, it allows a user to run the FCIV utility.

Availability and description of the File Checksum Integrity Verifier utility

Thu, 4 Jul For that, the command line is still needed. Notice that there is a dot followed by a backslash to signify joining to the default path. In-built functions are referred to as DOS functions. The list can also be viewed in a window by pressing f7though when a list selection is made the command line is executed without the opportunity for modification.



Choose tciv MD5 hash algorithm for the output or for the one to use for verification when there is a choice. In standard command windows, not elevated windows, dragging a file or folder onto the window will write the entire address at the cursor, so saving much typing. Examples include functions to say, display the contents of directories, or to copy files, and there are in excess of one hundred of these to choose from.

The fact that the entries are for completely different folders to the ones being hashed is unimportant. The hash run for this folder takes several minutes on the author’s PC, a blinking cursor the only clue to its working.

Paste long commands from saved texts. Use this utility at your own risk. Attempts to locate the XML file before the run fcif complete will find a near-empty file.