I thought it was firemen when I read the gaki fan page forums. I hope they do the Chinko Machine game where they have to give quick answers. Newer Post Older Post Home. I love you ’til death! Its brought us so many laughs and the Japanese comedy and culture is incredible, those thousand of us that watch these thank you and we really hope this years batsu is up and running very soon after release! Ladies and gents, will Yamazaki get Chono-slapped yet again?

gaki no tsukai enthusiastic teachers english subtitles

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I hope this year Yamasaki will not get slap by Chono. Thanks a lot for all your efforts, we appreciate it!!

gaki no tsukai enthusiastic teachers english subtitles

enthusiastoc Poor Yamasaki and it’s not fair because only he get slap for row of year. Thanks for the info and your subs! I’d love to see a Cromartie High reference with a guy looking like Freddie being in one of their classes.

If it’s like Airport, then Loved it, ok sine parts where expected, but still great fun to watch it. It will be “Enthusiastic Teachers”, and the boys will be newly hired teachers that will have to endure a teachres of various training. If the producers accept fan-recommendations of any sort or new ideas, I think a lot of us could help make the show even better.


The guys are professional comedians and are much better at it. Shot on location in the Kanto area, they utilized about staff, extras and CCD cameras for this New year’s special.

gaki no tsukai no laughing 2012 enthusiastic teachers eng sub tanakas wife appearss

Thank you for all your hard work this year! Hospital, 24 hour tag endurance and yugawara were the funniest in my opinion.

gaki no tsukai enthusiastic teachers english subtitles

Anonymous December 27, Additionally, the staff should not tshkai the whole batsu game. Happy new year to everyone. D Well, anyway, this is not the whine thread, so I’m sorry about taechers. Anonymous December 09, Anonymous December 22, M H November 19, I have an honest question, in most of these gaki no tsukai productions, does the cast know what kind of pranks are going to happen before hand to them?

Gaki No Tsukai with English Subtitles: No-Laughing Batsu Game – Teachers

Otherwise the jokes wouldn’t get the same reaction. Cant wait for new year: Thanks for the information, Zurui. The same people are on all the shows everyday Anonymous November 25, Anonymous December 20, Hopefully due to their age they won’t back down on the newest one.


Akihiko November 22, Anonymous November 21, I think it’s a mistake to invite the same celebrities over and over again, it will never end and that makes up almost the whole show.

Fk I tried to learn japanese just to watch these freaking cool game shows, i know like 2 Kanji’s after 6 months of practicing LOL. Anonymous December 02, The fan site said it was a monastery theme after seeing the teacherss with the drawing of Suga in a nun’s outfit on it.

gaki no tsukai enthusiastic teachers english subtitles

The new Batsu Games is almost here folks!!