And dysfunctional it was, giving me very strange readings and responses to the keyboard. Put regular alkaline batteries in, despite the warning label, because I don’t have the charger. On the other hand, the ACV seemed extremely accurate at intermediate points. But instead of using an edge connector, Biomation simply drilled a slot through the mother board and stuck the edge of the daughterboard through the slot. For not only did he not use what is called out in the parts list, but he also threw in a few PNPs where NPNs should go, and vice versa. Moreover, they make hardly any noise.

hp 4260a manual

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Finally, the brochure goes on to say, the meter is “easy to use, hard to damage, easy to service and easy to maintain.

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MHz ph every 1 msec or at the first few, since I would need an 18 GHz scope to see them all in the time domain. Second, the front panel pushbuttons were pushed back into the case and this was because the main circuit board had sheared off its plastic mounting standoffs and was floating inside the chassis.

Mine has none of them. So I took a chance that it was fixable. Quite puzzling was the fact that I didn’t get the usual “Error 9” message no option installed when I pressed the AC, Ohms or Current functions – just a lot of relay clicking and random readings. The culprit was a uF electrolytic filter cap which read 0. Bottom line is that the A now works perfectly.


hp 4260a manual

Has a very funky AC adapter that clips onto the side panel. My guess is that it basically cooked itself. Unlike the ESI CA “Dekastat,” which is simply a calibrated resistor, the Dekaviders are voltage divider boxes with an input and an output. Obviously there is no connection to a computer and no hope of adding new chip data.

This is a specialty piece that was used by many labs to calibrate AC voltages. Finally, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I knew that some sort of bypass capacitor would probably fix my high frequency noise bursts on the output.

Other major vendors include Tektronix, Fluke and Wavetek. And the previous owner decided to put a neon light bulb in the front panel and then manuql didn’t connect it up.

With that fixed, I started to get reasonable outputs. It was throwing the protection relay upon turn-on, but it seems to have settled down to correct operation now.

Universal Bridge 4260A

So I figured it must be something simple. A- The lower unit was fine.

hp 4260a manual

I also had to replace the level potentiometer and repair a short on the GPIB board. Upon power up, the decimal point and “C” segments were dark and I was almost ready to claim success, but noticed now that the “1” in the overflow digit was dimly lit.


Basically, a MHz oscillator drives a non-linear device that produces MHz pulses rich in harmonics. This is what you need if you want to calibrate a DC voltage to a standard.

My unit has seven decades which is pretty amazing if you think about it. RF signal generator to MHz. And since the reference is used by the 5, -5, 15 and supplies, they were way low. Start of add to list layer.


I can go for the 0. The thing then produced a fairly consistent and accurate output. Other than that, it should be fixable. I have no clue what pins 3 and maunal are for. Moreover, rapping on the oven of the pre-amp board caused it to change from 0.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) A User Manual

Years later, the AFC stopped functioning. Installed the new mixer and the counter now works as it should. I also bought the A plug-in thinking that maybe my A plug-in was the culprit.