Total quantity of 52xx features cannot exceed Up to drives per system: Base No Longer Available as of June 21, This feature provides an activation key to the enable the Remote Mirror function with support for eight mirror pairs per system. This is the accepted answer. Up to volumes per system.

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I don’t have such a contract. Both ports on a card will run at the same link speed. Supported on Model E4A only.

Family 1746+01 IBM System Storage DS3500 Storage Systems and EXP3500

I would feel much better if someone could confirm that this works. The DS requires Controller firmware level Terms of use IBM products and services which are announced and available in your country can be ordered under the applicable standard agreements, terms, conditions, and prices in effect at the time.

This card requires the use of an external switch and the DS iSCSI host ports cannot be directly attached to server ports. Is there another way to get that software? IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw this Sales Manual at any time without notice. I don’t think it’s really necessary to have such contract in order to download the Storage Manager.


The DS FDE engine performs encryption without a performance penalty, which allows you to achieve new levels of data security without sacrificing performance. Hi, That’s exactly what I did in the first place.

Feature or PN 68Y or 68Y is a required prerequisite 32 FlashCopy instances are provided without charge when the DS is upgraded to controller firmware v7.

Maximum physical storage capacity: This cable storate be customer-supplied and is not available for ordering with the DS Along with 1 Gb per second iSCSI support and the capability to intermix host interface technologies, the DS is designed to address your shared storage requirements within a single system. Of course, I get the download page too.

IBM Support: Fix Central – Please wait, Select fixes

Back to top Publications The following DS publications are available: Use Feature pn 00W when the DS is upgraded to controller firmware v7. Upgrade 81Y Host Kits: So no download for people without contract from the IBM site. The DS locally manages and protects the self-encrypting drives SED by utilizing a single authorization scheme or lock key that can be set and applied to all SED drives within a DS I just want that software.


The DS flexibility and options also extends to the disk drives. Base No Longer Available as of June 21, This feature provides an activation key to enable the Volume Copy function with support for eight active Volume Copy processes and: This is a disk drive enabled for self encryption. Up to 16 Remote Mirror pairs per system: Back to top Supplies None. Product life cycle dates. But I don’t want that. Supported on Model E2A only.

It turned out as a helpline for people with a contract only, he couldn’t or wouldn’t understand my question too.

Also it would be possible to use a freeware. The answer then looked auto generated as well and leaded me to a phone number.