And, I have to admit, this idea is everything else but bad. This has been fixed in Windows Phone 8. Unsurprisingly the evolving competitors resemble closely, yet try to extend in functionality and feature set. The looks are plain enough to qualify them for use in any design without getting out of line. The major difference between IcoMoon and Fontello is their price tag. The tool is not only available as a free web service , but also as a download on Github under MIT license. The choice of sets is decent.

icomoon essential pack

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Check out their larger, paid icon packs and their online utility for making own icon fonts: Because I talk about this app so much on Twitter, the guy behind IcoMoon offered me a free upgrade to their Ultimate Pack. Because the icons are a font, they will inherit the styling of their parent container by default. IcoMoon clarified that the free icons can be used for commercial work.


Using Icon Fonts | Go Make Things

As soon as Netscape became available he started to do what already at that time was called web design and has carried on ever since.


Just define a shortcut and call the icons like this:. Looking at the handling and the design, Fontello and Fontastic are close competitors. IcoMoon Web App Just click the icons you want to include in your font. Icons come in different formats.

icomoon essential pack

We can fix this by adding a hover color: The final version of your code should look something like this: Just like IcoMoon and Fontello, Fontastic. Vincent Le Moign aka Webalys is no stranger to web designers out there. This looks ugly and can sometimes overlap with text, making it difficult to read.

Here is an icomoo.

icomoon essential pack

We can fix this by adding a hover color:. Webalys promises to keep the tool free forever. In my base CSS, links on hover turn black darken and are underlined. There are two ways to include an icon font in your HTML.

icomoon essential pack

The alternative would be to use standard characters a to z, numbers, etc. By continuing to use this site, you express your consent. You can use the following but it is not officially supported:.

The free version contains more than icons, with paid versions offering over To make it as easy as possible for you to customize your own web font, IcoMoon comes with an easy to use web app. Just define a shortcut essentiwl call the icons like this: Creative Commons BY 4. It looked like the natural successor of IcoMoon and introduced a radical pricing.


Icomoon Essential Pack 900+

With the code above, the icon would still be underlined, but would be Twitter blue. Thank you for the post.

They are definitely on the rise in popularity. Fontello was and still is completely free. The looks are plain enough to qualify them for use in any design without getting out of line.

Using Icon Fonts

I like my social media icons to have branded colors, but still display the default hover behaviors. If you wanted to display pacck Twitter icon, for example, you would use this code:. Icomoon and is one of the best for web-font that you want to use in your web projects. Here is an example: