Can you help me? Since you want to use your compiled so, the second dependency can be removed. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: FFmpeg is a god-like project in the development world. Sign up using Facebook. And you’ll have to install Android NDK.


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After that I have three project: The playback code doesn’t need to be changed. The official recommendation is that NDK version is r10e, the author is r Configure the sdk and ndk environment variables here 2. Follow instructions under the header Build Android on the page ijkplayer ijkplayef link.

Maven Repository: yer

After that I have three project:. After successful compilation, the cd goes to the ijkplayer directory, where the so is https-enabled, directly copying the so from the ijkplayet platform to the jnilibs in the project. FFmpeg is a god-like project in the development world.

This means an invalid path.

When it comes to Android players, you think of MediaPlayer, but there are so many pits in MediaPlayer itself that even google has introduced ExoPlayer to replace MediaPlayer.


We can optionally compile the specified platform so.

Basic Implementation of Customizing IjkMediaPlayer Player

Thanks man, yeah i got it. Set compilation environment variables: Active ijkplxyer years, 2 months ago. How to compile ffmpeg Here I installed it by brew install ffmpeg. Compiling ijkplayer to support more video formats Posted by meomike on Thu, 23 May Default compilation of so for arm-v7.


I’m going to use ijkplayer github link. Can you help me? All represents compilation of so for all platforms.

ijkplayer框架简析 — 从构造到 onPrepared

Couldn’t load ijkffmpeg from loader dalvik. Like the previous “killing programmers to sacrifice the heavens” storm, a wide audience of QQ audio and ijkplayeg are FFmpeg beneficiaries, because they do not follow the GUN LGPL agreement, but also members of the FFmpeg project humiliation pillar. Actually I’m not sure whether you will be able to compile these libs on Cygwin – at least I haven’t seen any info about successfull ffmpeg for Android build using Cygwin. Android so library compiled based on ijkplayer 0.



Full-format audio and video coding and decoding support is provided on the whole platform. Android git brew MediaPlayer. The final result is as follows: Configure the sdk and ndk environment variables here. My advice is to use Linux – you’ll get rid of a lot of problems with compiling now and in future.

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Ijkplayer Player, Android Platform Instructions | Develop Paper

But ijkplayer does not support playing avi by default. Email Required, but never shown. If you need special configurations, such as the default ijkplayer that does not support https, you need to manually configure and compile so that supports https.

The solution is to open the terminal and use: