I’m using Jxls to export the results of some tests. Excel generation is required in many Java applications that have some kind of reporting functionality. Evgeniia Vakarina 61 4 4 bronze badges. Im trying to generate a xls file from a existing template but im getting an error which I dont know how to face out! How can I hide columns and change their order? From the example below:

jxls 1.0.2

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So I prepared template and rewrite the code.

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Download jxls-reader JAR 1.0.2 with all dependencies

From the example below: Below is the jXLS template I am using as input. How to make conditional formatting 1.00.2 with jxls I have created an Excel template for jxls 2.

jxls 1.0.2

The suggested workaround for unsupported features is to create the object manually in an Excel template and fill the template with data after that. JXLS template transformation not working properly I have jxlw one template in excel for transforming by jxls but it not working.

jxls 1.0.2

Sergey 11 3 3 bronze badges. I keep on getting these error messages: Is there a way to do it like this: Evgeniia Vakarina 61 4 4 bronze badges.


Download jxls-examplesjar : jxls « j « Jar File Download

If in my class I write the following: I am facing a problem with a particular report where the original template has 31 columns for days in a month followed by columns that do certain Sheet name in excel Is there any way to set sheet name using JxlsHelper to fill excel template?

For the result I got an exception when running JxlsHelper. Is there any faster solution? Why is this inaccessible or unknown property error occuring? Features XML and binary Excel format output depends on underlying low-level Java-to-Excel implementation Java collections output by rows and by columns Conditional output Expression language in report definition markup Multiple sheets output Native Excel formulas Parameterized formulas Grouping support Merged cells support Area listeners to adjust excel generation Excel comments mark-up for command definition XML mark-up for command definition Custom Command definition Streaming for fast output and less memory consumption Streaming for selected sheets SelectSheetsForStreamingPoiTransformer Table support.

Please make sure a Transformer implementation is in classpath This question has been already asked once but no one gave a absolute solution to it. How do we handle problem users? For example, for field Date yearMonthDay, format A5″ to format all Date field as A5. How to filter collection values which are strings based on a specific regex?


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Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Martin Ouimet 11.0.2 2 2 bronze badges. But how can we format two Date fields with different format?

Bucket 5, 8 8 gold badges 26 26 silver badges 39 39 bronze badges. Creating an Excel spreadsheet with information from two Repositories I want to create a report that pulls in all licenses and insurances, from their separate repositories, into an excel sheet.

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Please refer to the template and output files here: Max 40 7 7 bronze badges. How to add the row num to the employee loop variable? The latest component versions org. The report data is not aligned properly.

I tried to write my template in such a way that I wouldn’t get the “Attempting to write a row in the range that is already written to disk” exception.