While ARIA is one of the interesting ballad among them, it brushes up on the dark side of the story because of the synths Kajiura used on arranging this song. But it surely is different and makes her unique in such a way, you’ll really remember her. The single features theme songs for the first three movies and reached 8 on the Oricon weekly charts. Fred Itachi August 21, Yeah this moment was wonderful.

kalafina seventh heaven pv

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Seventh Heaven (Kalafina album)

Buying Kalafina related items can be quite intimidating for us foreign fans, everything is expensive and it all seems to be out of reach. XD Well, okay fine, sevenfh heaven is also included. On JanuaryKalafina returned to anime tie-ins with their seventh single, “Hikari no Senritsu” which was chosen to be the opening theme for Sora no Oto. Then the last dark-techno song of the album comes with Ongaku which is kinda unexpected.

I got weventh LE Seventh Heaven there. Plus, the violin and electric guitar in some parts of the songs are pure win.

kalafina seventh heaven pv

Sorry for the long intro but the review proper will be after. And after a pre-emptive ballad hunger, comes ;v noisy track Mata Kaze ga Tsuyoku Natta. And what I love about this song is that Keiko is the main vocal here!!


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Posts Likes Ask me anything Archive. Yeah this moment was vp. It’s like no ballad equals boring. Sorry, I have had this in my drafts for a couple of days.

kalafina seventh heaven pv

Live Night Stage – Kalafina – Magia. Ashita no Keshiki And even if she has a part there, it would be something bare — I mean, it’s not very much audible. Be prepared to spend a lot of money.

This is not a blog. — minobishe: Sneak peek of Kalafina’s Marchen PV?

I certainly recommend this track because of its light-sounding greatness. And it is never too late to make a review, isn’t it?

The single contains 6 new songs including the 7th ending theme to the OVA series Kara no Kyoukaiwhich is the titular track, seventh heaven. Three months later, they released their sixth single, “progressive”. And like any album, this one’s not perfect and it has this flaw.

Because the album itself explores many genres, as Kajiura herself is a music enthusiast. Wakana and Keiko’s voice makes up a great combination especially on this song. Of course you can also ask me, while I am certainly not super savvy when it comes to old Kalafina merchandise, I am sure I can find info on pretty much everything Kalafina-related XD Selected online stores: She then founded Kalafina to perform seven theme songs for seven movies.

They are currently signed to Sony Music Entertainment.

kalafina seventh heaven pv

In many cases you will not be able to avoid being charged various customs and import fees so it really helps to know what you have to expect. The album peaked at 8 in the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 12 weeks, selling a good 34, copies. Right after the filling track comes another techno-filled song love come downafter lingering in the dark paradise of obliviouswhich makes it a very refreshing track.


What the actual fuck happened here. While ARIA is one of the interesting ballad among them, it brushes up on the dark side of the story because of the synths Kajiura used on arranging this song.

And here we go to the last two tracks of the album which ranges from slow to midtempo ballad. But if you look into its content, it’s very much broad really. While you will be able to make some good deals on second-hand websites, most rare items will be sold for a very high price. Newer Post Older Post Home. Those two things will make your life so much easier when it comes to purchasing items on the sites I will mention later.