So should I build with maven and run the resultant jar? Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: In reply to this post by Wayne Fay. On Mon, Mar 10, at 4: If priority is defined in log4j. Wayne To unsubscribe, e-mail:


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Index of /repositories/releases/log4j/log4j/

Hi, any word on how to fix the maven central repo so we can proceed with resolving mvn dependency: Rolling File Appender log4j. I tried commenting one of them and mvn assembly: Sign up using Facebook. It’s ejb, not spring and uses annotations so application. Works ok when using my usual MRM. Unknown Source at org. No problem – glad you got it sorted.

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However, when I try and deploy on jboss stuck with version 4. Note For standalone Java app, make sure the log4j. Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search maven won’t resolve from central log4j: Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: I did not grab the error but it was something related to Varnish cache – when I cause a now, the error appears different.



So, I would ask Richard to try again and see if things work better today, or if he is having the same troubles. Ah this was the answer, I had tried it already but I must have deployed the wrong artefact as I tried it again to make sure and it worked – cheers for the help. Could not resolve dependencies for project ariba.

I suspect your troubles are related to this. It is invalid as far as I know. It should list all versions. Normally, you just need to use debug or error.


The command “mvn assembly: Failed to find module file: Follow him on Twitter. In reply to this post by Anders Hammar. Log4j hello world example By mkyong July log4j-1.2.8.ar, Viewed: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Log levels — Root logger option log4j. Just wanted to say thanks! The correct URL to central is repo1. It’s the one we define in the super-POM since Maven 3.



Note To understand the symbols in the ConversionPatternplease refer log4jj-1.2.8.jar this log4j PatternLayout guide. Unknown Source at java. Failed to collect dependencies at log4j: Doh, well ignore that then. If we request an open ended 1.