Also the first mode, in which you play yourself up level for level, is okay – only the “private championship” would have been expandable. The control method was designed to be as simple as possible, lending itself to fast and flowing football in the manner of the later Sensible Soccer. Not the real thing. Retrieved from ” https: The same goes for Germany and South Africa

microprose soccer c64

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The bit conversions of the game however, did not receive much attention. Will he conclude it? These range from the length of a match 2 to 12 minutes to details of the controls. One can also take part in a World Cup, whereby the venue corresponds to the one of a real World Cup. You can control them with the joystick after the ball has left the foot! Extensive and clearly arranged menus enable you to change many parameters of “Microprose Soccer”.

Not the real thing. Nowadays, I do not have that many contacts, except for some sporadic exchange of ideas in some Italians forums.

MicroProse Soccer – Wikipedia

Microprosr, the trajectory bends if the joystick is pressed to the left or right. I mucroprose make a few people happy and I still would be amused. Microprose published the game in its traditional large-format cardboard box and added a big manual, with a history of football and the World Cup.


Single player 2 players in turns 2 players simultaneous. Retrieved from ” https: Also the first mode, in which you play yourself up level for level, is okay – only the “private championship” would have been expandable.

microprose soccer c64

The longer you keep the fire button pressed, the sharper the shot will be. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: In these hacked versions the teams of each World Cup are contained and have an adapted intro screen. During the replay there is even a rewind animation shown.

The ball cannot roll into the out, but it bounces from the cushion. Even today still suitable for parties.

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If a goal is scored, the scene is repeated in slow motion and one can watch the attack unhurriedly. This section contains a list of miscellaneous information. PAT – Level 16 1: Rival game Kick Off would also add this after-touch feature.

microprose soccer c64

Senaste snacket Miika Warsell. Then there will be a nice mmicroprose error, just try it. Indoor soccer has some fundemental changes to the rules.


Microprose Soccer

The field is always shown from the top and scrolled softly into all directions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Miccroprose Policy. It is the fore-runner of the bit classic Sensible Soccer.

microprose soccer c64

This page was last edited on 26 Septemberat If the opponent has the ball, you can try to take it away from him with a sliding tackle. I would say that today I only navigate occasionally on csdb. This is most fun”. Confirmed by tweets, blogs or directly.

Microprose Soccer is a soccer videogame published by MicroProse in I like most the tournament mode with the fight for the Cup.