The whistling at the beginning of the song and during some parts of the song, along with the sound of waves too periodically is also a very nice touch! You are commenting using your WordPress. This page was last edited on 1 November , at The title of the song basically means to be hungry and is all about food and eating! This s album—related article is a stub.

news chankapana album

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Views Read Edit View history. The title of the song basically means to be hungry and is all about food and eating!

News (NEWS album)

NEWS asked to have one created and this was the result! I love the beat and maybe its because I am attracted to faster songs that this is my favorite solo song.

news chankapana album

The album was released in limited edition A, limited edition B and regular edition. I can tell he worked very hard overall and his confidence has rises big time and it was conveyed chankapanaa this album.

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news chankapana album

Overall, this album is my favourite now!!! Woooww, what a great review!!! This is hands down my favorite solo song out of all of them and not just because Massu is my favorite member of NEWS and in Johnnys….


Everyone was at the top of their game vocal wise and the songs were chosen very well for the combination of their 4 voices. I will stop here before I rant any further. Inthey released a BEST album that contained all of their old songs, but this album is the first album since they become 4 members to have all new songs with just the 4 of them.

Massu solo will be one of the coolest perform in DVD! I also love the music choice and the ordering of it. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

I am glad you liked my review! Learn how your comment data is processed. I love nwes review and you basically said everything that needed to be said. It was nice to listen to a few times, but I got bored with it easily, unlike Chankapana. LE A [4] RE [5]. I am so glad they decided to put this on the album because I think it fits with the overall theme of new NEWS and the album as well. This has a very spanish kinda feel to it, as the title might imply a chankapanaa The song is written in the perspective of a girl and its about chankaapana guy that she loves choosing work over her and she has always supported him, but now she decides that they need to break up and move on, though she still loves him.

I think if it were elsewhere in the album, it would be awkwardly placed. Second, the pace of the song changes abruptly, speeding up and slowing down at many different times and it keeps you on your toes, kinda like fireworks at a Chanmapana summer fireworks festival! But I get embarrassed when guys sit in my car and it always comes on. Its an hard dance song and the vocals are just so well done! I also like how the chorus is really easy to remember!


I am not normally a fan of slow songs, but this song really made me smile and somehow made me fall in love with it! I think albuj is s a perfect call and response song for NEWS and suits them very well!

♪ NEWS ♪ — LiveJournal

I loved your review and agree with all you said! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I really like how this was the last song on the limited editions of the album because it really shows how far NEWS has come and its such a meaningful song to both NEWS and the fans.

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