Added S new security support. You must use the actual buttons in the NsPro window and not click on the images in the assistant tips window. Why charge for support? Free market, customer can choose freely any product. For flashing , C require NsPro E cable. Is Highly recommended to use latest NsPro version! Added Support for new Android Qualcomm Security.

nspro v6.6.4

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Hola a todos aqui un aporte mio espero le sea de mucha ayuda Contiene la ultima actualizacion de NsPro, drivers usb y pines mspro los cables http: Fixed C, C, C, E flashing bugs. Added T Gravity 3 support. Added i, I, T, T support.

Latest nspro version is available on RapidShare: In maximum 5 minutes, NsPro will read flash from phone. From NsTeam official webpage: Also, nspro started charging support after doing it for free for 4 years.


Improved several Android functions. On NsPro support area. Is Highly recommended to use latest NsPro version.

gsmjustoncct NS Pro box with 30 cables for Samsung cell phones unlock Repair Flash

Added support for new EL security versions. Added I, I new security Support. Added Fi new versions support. Added Imei Certificate write for several models.

New version as available for download on official nsteam website: Is highly recommeded to use latest NsPro version. To unsubscribe from these announcements, login to the forum and uncheck “Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email.

nspro v6.6.4

Latest NsPro version available: Wish Model You want to add? U, U, U Sanyo: Of course is your turn now, report success of Nnspro module here, and you will be next winner!!!

Added U, F full support. Added C new MSL support. Fixed Swift MSL phones read info bug. Added i, i support. U, U, U Sanyo: Added I, T new security support. Latest Nspro version is available: Tuesday, 14 May Activation screen will show you f6.6.4 its also in your main nspro program.


NS-Pro Update: [Arhiva] – GSM Balkan Community

Improved Agere communication protocol. NsPro E cable can be easy modifyed to work with C phone. Fixed i small unlocking bug.

nspro v6.6.4

Added support for these models: Added I, T, IV support.