Installing and configuring NeoStats —————————————. If you are upgrading a working version of NeoStats. It is possible that someone else could use the exactly same nickname. System Requirements System requirement is not defined Review Average 0. It should be your IRC Network user account and not your personal accounts. When typing commands you should use the same case as provided in this file or things will not work correctly. Valid protocol options are:

opsb neostats

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Major feature enhancementsDevelopment. Enabling this option will also cause NeoStats to sync servers when it first joins the network. Minor feature enhancementsStable. Neotsats can do this with:. All official modules have a 3. The available options are: This section explains how to install and configure NeoStats.

Installing and configuring NeoStats —————————————. See the documentation with these modules for instructions on building and installing them.

opsb neostats

System requirement is not defined. To disable this simply comment this line out. It scans clients connecting to the IRC network for insecure proxies, and also looks up a DNS blacklist for previously registered insecure proxies.


instalacion de NeoStats

The code was updated to support NeoStats 3. When you are finished, save the file. Please do not contact us for support of the RAW command. You should now run the makeconf script and answer the questions:.

opsb neostats

Ayuda de eggdrop Tcl Scripting code:. This allows you to choose what date format is used for log file names when they are rotated at midnight. If you do enable this option, we will not provide any support for your use of this command. Most users will never look at this option.

Use of RAW commands can cause desync on your network and badly formatted commands can crash your neoatats. If not specified, users will have some access to NeoStats and StatServ commands. Only one entry allowed. Change the x in NeoStats3. You are not logged in. You should change to the directory where NeoStats in installed e. You must download and install BLSB first. You must download and install OPSB first.

You must download and install TriviaServ first. Some modules have a useful function on your network, other modules are developed for fun, and to make your IRC network more attractive to users.


If not specified NeoStats will attempt to find this address itself. To discriminate your posts from the rest, you need to neoostats a nickname. Before running NeoStats you must make sure neostas your server s have C: If using pico as in the previous example, press Ctrl-X then hit Y and enter to save the file and exit.

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This will vary depending on the version you run of NeoStats. This release fixes the problem with OPSB broadcasting out that it is not configured after a reload, and fixes problems with some SET variables not being retained after a restart. This allows you to take advantage of some of the aditional features or modules that we support, such as updated definitions for SecureServ accounts, or reporting options for Neostays.