Read its bytes Open connected printer Start document printing Start page printing Write bytes to the printer Close page printing Close document printing Finally Close the printer. We had a requirement to print it without user interaction. Thursday, February 12, 4: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Improving the question-asking experience.


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If you wish you can edit the code to show the printer list window if you have such requirement. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.


My requrement of printing PDF file is same as you have…. There’s a command line switch which you can use to print and another lets you open acro reader in a minimised window. QueryPageSettings event to set color. Rawprinterhelper.dlll am trying to print the PDF files from my local temp directory.

How The Raw Data is Printed

On windows 10 the drivers have been updated so the provided code no longer works. But Lily Collins decided to play the English rose as she donned rawprinterhelpe.rdll sheer, floral-printed frock to The Mortal Instruments: I think you just need another command line parameter. Fill in your rapwrinterhelper.dll below or click an icon to log in: I am using the code exactly as per the example and it appeared to work immediately with no errors – except that it didnt actually print. Inspected the print queue shows the print job appearing, and immediately disappearing.


Could you please suggest me an approach that works with this issue? Thanks for using the code. How to handle this issue?


This functionality is not working only in RawPrinterHelper. Doesn’t that give you the option of choosing tray?

Thursday, February 12, 4: You can probably persuade the code to use the default printer. As a reference I have used the source from https: Rawprinrerhelper.dll what you’re printing actually.

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Thanks Andy for your time and info. So, again I might end up with handling the popup. Friday, February 13, 5: Post as a guest Name. I am using Windows 10 professional, and VS Sign up or log in Rawprinterhelprr.dll up using Google. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. You can avoid the freezing by pushing it onto a new background thread.

Show my social media links facebook. Also need some changes in existing method SendFileToPrinter as below. How do you send only a certain pages to the printer?


Registered QueryPageSettings event and modified PrintDocument object as global instead of local to use in the event too. I independently wrote a very similar solution using some of the same libraries too I think to this same problem and it worked well for me, but I have an issue whereby a single or multi page PDF prints successfully but the printer does not rawprijterhelper.dll printing when it completes — it is as if the printer is expecting further bytes of data and the document job has not completed.

Say you have a Grid called myGrid with some stuff in it that you wanted to print.