Your subscription request has been completed. Launch content across an array of localized or off-site screens thanks to a cloud-based content management solution. Support device configuration by group or organization. Tizen or newer version of SOC , then we advice you to check the factory settings of your screen provided by your supplier or to contact your supplier. Through the Multi Frame feature, the partner can use two displays with a single I Player license. Users can also organize content using a timeline or layers to capture customer attention. The USB stick has to stay in the gateway of the monitor.

samsung magicinfo lite

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samsung magicinfo lite

The uniform experience throughout all MagicInfo Solutions will deliver the same level of satisfaction on ease of use and powerful management function regardless the size of the organization may be. The latest version of MagicINFO supports more effective organizational management, expanded remote management and even data analytics. Minimize wait times at POS through use of interactive self-service order kiosks. Useful for a large customer base, this tool allows the user to operate massive amounts of content in one step, making content management effective and simple.

Deploy and update content from a central location or allow content to be customized to suit local banking conditions and audiences.

samsung magicinfo lite

The S Player embedded samwung the signage eliminates the need for an additional external media player or other unnecessary equipment, saving valuable space and maintenance costs for users. Using the web-based server UI, a manager can conduct all digital signage infrastructure management tasks such as monitoring and controlling displays, managing content and schedules, analyzing audience measurement data and more.


Launch content across an array of localized or off-site screens thanks to a cloud-based content management solution. In addition, it improves previously complex content authoring, management and playability and processes, and channels all that functionality into a basic routine that allows businesses to engage customers faster and with less effort.

Enable an immersive customer experience by allowing digital experiences to translate into offline shopping environments.

No need to set a configuration by device, thus dramatically reducing configuration time. The Server allows users to upload, organize and build playlists from various content types. SI can manage multi-tenants in a single server UI. It cannot be used on the ED screens! Samung Update You’re using an outdated version. This bypasses the tediousness and inefficiency from having to oversee displays wherever they happen to be situated.

Through preview, content creator samssung check for any missing aspects directly. In this menu you can add the video clips which you want to add to the schedule. After this the playlist will start playing. The MagicINFO Analytics platform allows retail managers and marketers to better understand promotion results, thereby facilitating future marketing campaigns.

Enable to adjust critical settings from any location, with an intuitive interface mirroring the experience of standing right in front of the display. The feature of MagicInfo Lite is an asset which can be used when the content has to start directly after turning on the display. Our website has just been renewed! Resources are for partners only. As shown in the picture below, a menu will be opened. IT managers can be more empowered now than ever through being able to conveniently and expediently oversee the status of multiple displays situated throughout the premises or company from a single location, and opt to either control the displays on the fly or according to a pre-determined schedule.


MagicInfo™ Server 4.0

Content creator can lock the element to avoid other users from modifying. Create and deploy innovations to elicit memorable experiences with menu boards and magiciinfo Incorporate new innovation such as beacons, order-ahead apps and self-ordering kiosks to optimize operational efficiency and positively impact consumers. Magicijfo a content platform that can support both remote hardware and software management, MagicINFO offers in-depth content management and hardware monitoring capabilities following deployment and grants users the flexibility to make system-wide changes with just a few quick clicks.

The software solution includes two major features: As the use of web content for digital displays continues to increase, MagicINFO Author also allows for easy uploading directly from zip files or even the source folder itself.

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