Jj r ‘i f]’ -V nelle monele e medagUe L. Spanish and Neapohtan titles. Etudes sur les Medallions Contorniates. Hare headed bust of Diadumenian r. An explanation ol the reverse types found on Roman Impe- rial coins — gods, heroes, allegorical personifications, hbto- records, etc.

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Thank you very much for your letter of Maroh 4th,in regard to the Dupondius of Sutri. Racy sketches of the Htuperors and tlieir wives.

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Numismata Imperatorum Romano- rum praestantiora. Bust of Virgin facing. At first there was no evidence to confirm the strong suspicion that they had manufactured them, so their clothes were carefully brushed, and the dust chemically examined.

Security leaning on column.

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Busts of Christ, bearded facing. Europea on bull r. An incident of his coronation has been preserved.


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War galley lying before fortress with four towers Ri. R in centre of cross. Cane cirneco stanie a d.

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Horse prancing to 1. Die Kaiscrlichen Decennalien und die Alexandrischen Miinzen. It was given, but not in the way anticipated.

Stops, mullet and annulet. Similar to last, but on obv.

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Rose and thistle on a polished ground within the Garter crowned. Half-length figure of St. Sjepi ornaments in two angles, and one large pellet in one other quarter. Book, inner circles beaded, plnme in front of King. Xni’ly bound in canvas. Smaller letters in Declar- ation. Lion, quite different bust, bri. Handbuch zur Munzkunde der romischen Kaiserzeit Vol.

ddwg F Half Sovereign, ist Issue. Foreign postage 5 s. About pages in all, 10 Plates. The Queen as Una, guiding the British Eiepi. Pheon, but with initials b — I oti both sides. Peter of Courtenay had married Yolande, daughter of the last Emperor, and received the crown in her right. On some Rare or Unpublished Roman Goins. I bar, Nagpore I S’ Foot. Second edition revised, corrected and amplified, translated by Rev.


In alto, la Nike volante a d. Over pages and illustrations. Plates and Illustrations in text.