Select Restore this appliance from a ShadowControl database backup file. It gathers endpoint data, and performs tasks as. CMD provides an appliance backup function to preserve and restore the system history log In the event of an appliance failure. These roles differ primarily in the scope of the EndPoints they oversee: CMD will randomly update each EndPoint during that interval to conserve bandwidth. Acts like the View details option in the Outstanding Conditions section. In that case, an additional navigation menu option will appear “EndPoints” to display the list of monitored devices.

storagecraft cmd agent

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Installing and Using the vnios Trial Installing and Storgecraft the vnios Trial The vnios Trial is a software package designed for efficient evaluation of the Infoblox vnios appliance platform.

storagecraft cmd agent

Tags Displays any userdefined tags applied to this device. Portal Settings Select this Navigation panel option to display the portal settings in the Main panel: See Tags for details.

It will then automatically push the latest client software to each EndPoint and install it. Tags This dialog displays the list of existing user-defined tags with the option to create, edit, or delete tags.

Click Edit to display a dropdown box for choosing one of the four options. If you need to reboot or shutdown the appliance, you can do so from the CMD console.


All other brands and product names are or may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. When the install completes, the wizard displays the option to Launch ShadowControl Subscription Application. This button only appears after clicking Update Appliance. StorageCraft recommends making a copy of this database at least weekly and especially after an upgrade as a precaution against a system failure.

Use the selector box to find and highlight the appliance’s timezone. Monitor EndPoints Set status rules for EndPoints Schedule reports The appliance keeps a rolling day log of EndPoint activity information for reporting purposes while each EndPoint maintains its own log.

Datto Backup Failures

This subscription enables the Portal features on the target appliance. After the CMD appliance finishes ayent start-up routine, it displays a login screen. It varies based on the rate of change of data in each backup. Deletes the selected Org Group. A Read-only account on an appliance can view the status of EndPoints in one or more selected organizations or one or more selected sites on that appliance.

This information is used only for supporting CMD. Introduction Microsoft virtual architecture: These Org Groups can include one or more organizations from each of the subscribed appliances.


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It also has calculates a prediction of future space requirements. These settings apply globally to all reports for the affected organizations, appliances, or SuperAdmins. Assign each agent to an organization or to a site to monitor it using the CMD console. Displays storagecravt for functions available to manage a site or organization. Select the individual organizations and sites you want reports on. This also triggers the automatic update process.

The CMD database does not include customized branding graphics. After installing the Endpoint Agent, you must subscribe the endpoint to a The ShadowControl agent provides the stccmd command-line utility. Or, you can create reports for your entire backup environment. August 24, All Rights Reserved.

storagecraft cmd agent

Rerun the ShadowControl install program. Because of this, you should use an Apache-supported tool, such as OpenSSL, to generate the certificate bundle.

ShadowControl CMD User Guide StorageCraft Copyright Declaration

Options include Desktop, Laptop, Server, and Virtual. CMD can perform automated updates for 2. Using the CMD Portal 8.