The eight available options are: Make sure you have normal Supercard series. Such as if there is a game save more than 4M. Auto select save size. Patch database update to This time, we received quite a sizeable package:

supercard ds one scshell

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Window Top x16 closebtn. Thanks to JohnVS for assisting with the compatibility and performance tests.

SuperCard DS One v3 | – The Independent Video Game Community

Monday 17 March – Seperated the patch datebase and save type datebase, user can DIY save type database. Such as gold finger, real time game guide etc. While the card will not stick from the top of the DS ONE actually stopping half a millimeter short of itthe usual drawback of requiring a small fingertip or nails to apply pressure on it is unavoidable: As customary, the game icon is displayed, along with pleasantries such as its size, release number, saver size and so on.

Make sure you have normal Supercard series. If you can not play a game, it must be flash memory card speed problem. Knowing the SC Team, though, we wouldn’t define this list as “final”: But again, if fs is mandatory, why giving the user an option to disable basic patches entirely?

SuperCard DS One v3

When the OS is reinstalled on the card, but no games 3. What firmware is your DSi on though? Oddly enough I still can’t find the 1.


supercard ds one scshell

Final Thoughts And finally, our review reaches its conclusion. Let’s take a closer look: Need to select the “Real Time Save” scsehll from patch mode, OS will create a a real time save file about 5M, please make sure the flash memory has enough space.

The picture format is BMP 24bit system.

Such as if there is a game save more than 4M. When OS and games are on the card.

With the team’s quick response to problems and constant stream of update releases, the DS ONE continues to be perfect under virtually every aspect, DS-wise. Rumble series can not. Decrease the speed can increase the compatibility of MicroSD, but some games need a high speed flash memory card, such as ” Castlevania PoR “, this game need a high speed memory card and Speed need to be set to 4X.

Also, features such as Real Time Save and multisavers are unique to the DS ONE, definitely one step above the other DS flash kits and worth your money if you need them – and if you play the Rockman series, you will need them; those features, with the latest updates, won’t even force you to withstand framerate drops and glitches, although freezes may still occur. DMA option in patch mode, A small fraction of the games need to enable this option it may cause some games run instability 3.


Discussion in ‘ Technical Help ‘ started by beapioJan 2, This function can be used in Standard mode, do not need to use any software. But some games and new games “Saver size” are not in the database, if a game can not save, user should select the “Saver size” manually.

OK I’ve reinstalled the new firmware on the card, which OS do you recommend?

supercard ds one scshell

You do not need to do that, system will remember after the first setting. Total 20 Related Items.

error message on dsi when dsONEi card is in

The software revision used is version 3. Once turned around, you will notice the drawing detailing the correct orientation for memory card insertion, as well as a tiny screw: Close window button 14×14 change.

The system software, as we’ll discuss farther in this review, is one of the aspects of this flash kit that has evolved the most, getting rid of the performance and reliability issues of the earlier revisions to become a robust and accessible interface.