Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. ToonTrack is really on a roll and their stuff sounds fantastic. Maybe you have access to a kit? I believe that DFH Superior 2. If you want it to sound “good” as in not have to work the sound like with real drums out of the box then go with EZDrummer, it’s just easier. I don’t see any mention of it in Toontrack’s site nor their forum. Does EZ drummer accept sounds from other manufacturers?

toontracks dfh superior korg edition drum kit

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Replied July 16, at I program my own drums though, and I’m not a drummer, so To me, the authenticity and depth of the samples is better in DFH, but that’s a matter of preference.

Topic: Sampler Requirements for Drumkit from Hell EZX Sample Library | Toontrack

I suggest you go to the Toontrack site and read the forums and check all the videos out before you make your decision. These days you really cannot make a mistake Jose Max Output Level: Mit reason it is not available for free download is because we have a Upgrade to the full EZdrummer at a discounted price, if you have EZ Lite registered. I’ve been poking around Toontrack’s forum last night and it seems EZ Drummer would be good for me.


toontracks dfh superior korg edition drum kit

I just need something to push me over to a final decision. Battery has a lot for all 3 things you mentioned.

I don’t see any mention druum it in Toontrack’s site nor their forum. Balbs, I understand the confusion but ultimately the only one who knows what’s best is YOU.

You were all helpful. Can you purchase EZ Drummer’s midi samples separately or do you need to get the whole thing?

Can these run in NI Battery or Kontakt? Seems a waste though. Axe, where did you hear about DFHS 2.

Ognis Max Output Level: For what you are doing, you will find that EZD may be missing some of the percussion you may need even with the expansion packs EZX. ToonTrack edktion really on a roll and their stuff sounds fantastic.

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You must be logged in to reply to this topic. It’s a great price. If you continue browsing, you agree to the use of cookies. Is there a way to download EZDrummer Lite? In the meantime, you wouldn’t happen to have links on drum processing superipr DFHS do you?

toontracks dfh superior korg edition drum kit

However, the internal mixer in the BFD interface does allow you to get drh good sound variations just by messing with mic positions and fader levels. BFD’s demo includes 2 full kits, ride, crash and splash cymbals, and a pretty good library of grooves and fills. Forums Posts Latest Posts. I found ez drummer to be a little “thin” sounding.


Korg padKontrol – DFH Superior upgrade, EZD, Battery

Does EZ drummer accept sounds from other manufacturers? It sounds great, but it doesn’t work for me. EZD has editikn expansion packs and in each pack you can have many choices of what drum set you want, like metal and many, many more Cj www. Just the coupon makes it toontracjs for me. Just do a search on google or yahoo about how to mix real drums same guidelines apply with DFHS. Depending on what you are looking for BFD does have more of a left coast vibe in their base pack.