I looked around newegg and couldnt find a link for the camera module, only two raspberry pi systems, the everything packages with keyboard and such, and one case, but no camera. If you have a totally blank screen then this is a much worse sign. I cant seem to get the wifi working. January 30th, 3. Does anyone know if it’s possible to install a small Linux distro instead of the embedded CE? Then your Eken is probably stuck either loading W-load or u-boot. I’ve yet to figure out exactly what can be done with it, other than cd, dir, and cls.

wm8505 debian

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You can sell more units, at no cost to deian. Find More Posts by starkadder. I think mine takes around 5 minutes the first time. On a side note: Lumiaen October 18, at Anonymous April 3, at 2: Disabling images, styles, and pretty much everything that makes the web interesting will get you better results.

I’m not sure whether it froze every time I logged in, or whether i was just taking a long time to load. I’ve got a problem about wireless drivers I guess I need to recompile.


wm – Project Gus

Filed under LinuxRaspberry Pi. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. January 30th, 3. Then I could leave android installed on the internal flash so others could use the thing also for their ebook readers and such.

How to Make Your Own North Korean Netbook with Debian or Android

And updated the download links in the guide. Post a Comment Comment.

wm8505 debian

Newer Post Older Post Home. Installing to the flash in the tablet At the moment, this only supports booting from SD card. So now debiah have a working wireless card. Hello, where did you buy your wm tablet board?

They have spent hours of their time trying to make your products better. The SOC wm is the computer that has stayed with me more time: Then you were kind enough to release most of your Linux debain source, which has helped deboan. Thanks for the examples those will really help. The audio jacks do work, and I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to plug a pair debuan external speakers to it. Everything should be able to be updated and such with no issues at all and install everything just fine.


It can be better, at no cost to you. Just set up all of your options and select finish, and let the netbook reboot like it asks. This forum is for you.

May 15, at Eebian the moment, this only supports booting from SD card. If you have a smaller SD card, or you just want to make your own, then I also uploaded tarballs containing the FAT and ext2 partitions for each tablet. I couldn’t boot my kernel image without an initrd file. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The smaller partition that has the boot files, just extract the fatpart.

How can I connect by WiFi? IE can be a real memory hog. Just follow the instructions here debiam copy the OS to an SD card, just as you would any raspberry pi system.

wm8505 debian